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Sunday, July 31, 2016

So Much Potential

July 25, 2016

So last Sunday was super good, A. came to church! Later in the evening we were riding down the hill looking for a house and we passed it by a decent amount and I just thought, oh well we will just stop by another time, but then the thought came that we needed to stop by now, so we turned around and went back to it. When we knocked, a less active guy about our age named C. answered and let us in. We shared a simple but powerful video on the sacrament with him and when it ended he just said "wow, that was awesome." Haha. Then he asked if we were just going around sharing that video with everyone today and we said no, and he said that it answered his prayers that day. He has been sober from alcohol and drugs for about 3 years but just turned 21 and has been struggling a lot with the temptation to just be able to go buy what he wants. He said he had been praying for strength and that he knows he needs to attend church to receive it.

Monday was a normal pday, that night we did a family night with a couple families that had teenagers preparing to receive their patriarchal blessings, it was super cool.

Tuesday we had District meeting which was even stranger than the last, the zone leaders attended the other districts meeting so it was just 2 companionships. Haha. Nothin too special happened the rest of the day... We just found more potentials! So much potential.

Wednesday we started exchanges and I went with elder Alfonso to his area, and elder Sandino came to be with elder Simmons. It was a pretty good exchange. Always a great opportunity to improve.

Thursday night was pretty hectic, we had a few lessons and I had to do a baptismal interview for one of the other elder's Investigstors, K., a 9 year old who was way excited about everything. It's kinda weird doing interviews cuz it's the only time on your mission you are
ever one on one with anyone but your companion.

Friday was the usual stuff till about 2:30, then we taught a potential we have been trying to get with for a little while named E.  The lesson went super well! He soaked up everything we taught about the Restoration of the gospel and when we invited him to be baptized he didn't even hesitate to say yes! He has had a rough life and has been prepared by the lord to receive the restored gospel. He then readily accepted the date we gave him as well!  Then we had dinner with a family that was pretty dang weird... But they did feed us ribs so that was killer. Then they said they were gonna take us into the basement and I was pretty sure they were gonna murder us and chop us into little pieces to feed to their gerbil, but I was wrong... They had a full on music studio down there. Apparently elder Simmons can Slay the drums so he and I had a sweet jam sesh with me on the guitar and the dad on the bass until dessert was ready. After dinner we taught J., she has a ton of good questions. Then we taught some former Investigators. Right when we got out of that lesson I got a call from the Zone Leaders telling me that J. from my last area was getting baptized Saturday! So awesome!

So Saturday I got a ride to the baptism from a Ward mission leader, the baptism was so great! When I walked in the room J. had the biggest smile on his face, and after the baptism he came up to me and just told me how grateful he was for me being persistent to teach him. It was great. After the baptism we went out and worked and set up some
good potential lessons.

Sunday was great, C., J. and E. came to church! E. loved it, and the family we sat by invited him over for dinner that night with us so we all went over and had dinner and a lesson. E. opened way up about his life and how he just needs the change in his life. It was so great. He basically bore his testimony on how he already felt like he was becoming part of the Ward family. So sick. I know he is one of the people we were sent here to teach. Love this area.

--Elder Ray
Elder Ray and Elder Simmons in South Jordan

Last P-Day with West Jordan Zone

Elder Ray and Jonathan, at his baptism

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