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Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Bishop Truly Holds the Keys

July 27, 2016

Dear fam,
This week started with a great day. After pday we went out and had a great talk with B., who we are working with to get active. We got him to set up an appointment with the bishop so he can try and stop smoking and drinking. Right after that we got a text from S.A.'s wife, saying he wanted a blessing cuz his gums were hurting so bad, so we helped him out with that and were able to use it as an opportunity to teach more about the priesthood.

Tuesday was great as well, we had a zone conference all day long. At the end, lots of missionaries gave their departing testimonies before they go home, including president and sister Chambers who go home at the end of this week. It was kinda surreal, because they were here when I got here and you sorta expect them to be with you the whole way but I guess their time is up just like mine one day will be. That night we split up and went on visits, I went and taught C. and S. It went super good, we helped her get excited about gettin baptized. Her only problem is she can't seem to make it to church. We drilled on that for a bit and she said she won't miss from now on. Then after that I went with a different Ward mission leader to B.'s meeting with the bishop. And wow, did I gain a stronger testimony of that calling. The bishop truly does hold the Keys to watch over and protect the people in each Ward. In that meeting we were able to uncover that the reason for B.'s excessive drinking is that he is trying to numb the pain of the death of his wife 16 years ago. I can't believe I didn't think of that sooner because nearly every time we've met with him he brings up February 16 2000. They were in a car crash that B. believes he could have prevented if he had reached over and grabbed the wheel to prevent a head on collision. But he didn't, so his wife died, his daughter was injured seriously, as was he when he was launched head first thru the windshield. Horrible, and he blames himself for the whole thing and ever since he has sought relief from the bottle. So we are gonna make sure he gets some professional counseling to get over that burden in his life. 

Wednesday/Thursday we went on exchanges, I went with elder Austin to the Spanish area again. Fun stuff. We taught some crazy people... Friday we had some good lessons, we taught H., a less active who wants to baptize his son soon. Great guy, just needs to come to church. So we committed him to do that. Then we taught J., another less active. Then had dinner with a really weird, quiet family. We got in and all the food was on the table ready to go, so we ate in 10 minutes, tried to talk for 5 but that did work, so we shared a message and went home and napped for the rest of the dinner hour haha. Then we taught A. and J., A.'s a member, J. is not. We helped them move into the apartments a month or so ago. It was a great lesson and you could tell J. felt something but he just couldn't open his heart and follow the prompting of the spirit. Then we taught A. and S. again. A.'s lookin great!

Saturday was a crazy busy day, we set up so many lessons! I think I talked to more people Saturday than I had ever before. Sunday, A. and S. came to church, and so did H. No one else did though. That night we taught A. and S. and went over the baptism interview questions to get him ready. We also gave him about 10 ties cuz he hasn't worn one at church so we figured he didn't have any. I love so much when the people we teach just keep progressing and we can see the change in their personalities and spirit. He really has repented and prepared himself for baptism, and I can't wait for him to take that step!

Party on dudes.

-Elder Ray


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