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Missionary in the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from August 2015 to August 2017

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bunny Week

March 28, 2016

We started the week with a fast on Monday. It was great, we ended the fast as a district with pizza and watched the testament movie. After that... We had another dinner with our investigator Austin. The lesson we had with him was so good! We were able to keep the rest of the family from hijacking the lesson and taught him lesson one. He felt the spirit so strong! As soon as he is able to work out a couple things keeping him from baptism he will make the plunge for sure.

Tuesday we had a district meeting. Elder Brink and I gave an awesome training on our purpose and fulfilling it through being bold with all we meet. We taught a few lessons too.

Wednesday we cleaned all the floors on the ground floor of Tina and Philipe's home. Took us so long! When we were done they brought us home Bluetooth speakers tho so it was worth it. After lunch we started exchanges with elders Stout and Austin. I went to their area with elder Austin. It was an awesome exchange (besides the fact that I don't speak Spanish and it's a Spanish area). We oymed a kid who had some crazy stories, but was super receptive and took the first lesson very well. But overall it was a great day

Thursday I woke up with the worst headache I've had in my life. Like... I threw up twice cuz it hurt so bad... So I didn't do too much. Actually I slept. Till 4. Then downed sum Advil and went out to work cuz we had a night planned full of lessons. We taught a recent convert, then a recently reactivated man, then taught A., a less active who, after only like our second lesson, decided to quit smoking. I've never seen someone so stoked about getting back into the gospel. She is awesome and is finding so much joy!

Friday I forgot to write in my journal so nothing happened in my mind. But Saturday was awesome. Our zone set a goal to invite 450 people to church in the week, which came out to just over 56 people per companionship. Elder brink and I invited 58. ON SATURDAY. So we got 106 for the whole week. Yes, we are overachievers. Yes, our district leaders bought us a box of donuts for slayin it. Saturday night Tina and Philipe did a little Easter egg hunt for us and hid snacks and stuff around the house. They're awesome. Coolest landlords ever.

Sunday we went to church as usual, and B., a recent convert, got ordained a priest and received the Aaronic priesthood. It is so cool to see those we bring into the church progress in the gospel! We had Easter dinner with one of our ward mission leaders and his entire
family which was nice. Not really anything else happened, being Easter and all... Not too many people want to set things up.

Now we're bowling. So sorry if this seems choppy, I'm writing between turns...

Have a killer week erryone.

-Elder Ray

"One of the Zone Leaders hopped into our photo."
(with Elder Brink and Elder Ray)

Grave Diggin' and a Busy Week

March 17, 2016

Well, sorry I wasn't able to email on Monday. They switched our pday to Thursday this week because today we went to the Temple. Monday we got our backs adjusted for free... It was cool to get hooked up to electric pads and shocked for like 15 minutes... That night we taught two recent converts, D., who is awesome, and B., who is also awesome.

Tuesday we had zone conference. It's always a great opportunity to hear from our mission president. He gave us two pieces of advice for life to stay on the straight and narrow. 1: ALWAYS communicate with God. Never close the lines of communication, pray always so he can hear us, and study the scriptures so we can hear him. And 2: Keep your eyes on your keyholder. Usually that means our bishops, and as we follow the counsel of the leaders chosen we will never be led astray. The church has been organized this way for a reason, and whatever the reason, it's what God wants.

Wednesday we had district meeting. Good enlightenment. Roleplays are always fun with the MLS (member and leader support (elderly)) missionary couples. Ha. One of the new MLS elders told us we shouldn't push baptism... That didn't go over too well considering the guidance from the prophet and a new program implemented by our mission president is to do so...

Thursday we taught R. Her husband is an active member, she is an active Non member. With a calling... We were able to discover that the main thing keeping her from getting baptized is that her family and coworkers are Anti-LDS. Unfortunately the lesson didn't last as long as we would have hoped for because she had to leave early for a girls camp planning meeting because that's her calling. It's the best excuse I've never heard! After that lesson we taught Paul, a recently reactivated man who received the priesthood the Sunday before. It's so cool to see people progress in the gospel and be so happy!

Friday was a bit weird, we only had one lesson. It was totally impromptu, we were going through a new move in list and knocked on a door in the apartments. A large, overweight dude answered the door wearing only basketball shorts and told us to both leave and come in the same sentence. Long story short the guy was super drunk. Not much happened Saturday, we had another lesson with B.

Sunday, a lady came up to us at church and said 'hi elders, I have a grandson living with me who is ready to be baptized, can you come teach him? #miracle.

Monday we had no pday, but we spent a large part of the day doing service for Tina and Philipe (our landlords). We raked all the leaves out of their front yard. It was a beautiful morning to do it... Until it started snowing and raining. So we went in and had lunch, then Tina took Ciel, their dog, to the vet to get put down since she was incompetent, blind, deaf, 14 years old, etc. So after lunch we dug the grave and 
buried the dog.

This is where our week blew up. We are at 11 Lessons so far which is pretty good.

Tuesday we taught the grandson, K, that wants to be baptized. He is almost 10 and is one of the smartest kids there is! He wants to get baptized super bad, so we put him on date for April 2nd, not realizing that was general conference, so we will move it up to March 26th when we meet with him on Friday. When we asked him when the next time he wanted to meet was, he tossed his fists into the air and shouted 'Tomorrow!' So we went by last night to teach him, but he got grounded for some reason and his grandma wouldn't let him meet with us. HORRIBLE PUNISHMENT! Parents, don't punish your kid by taking away things that will help them grow closer to God! Anyways we will teach him tomorrow so no big deal.

Wednesday morning we took D. to temple square to get started on family history. He found a lot of names he plans on taking to the temple! I don't think I've ever seen anyone more in love with the gospel than him. It's great!

And Today we had the opportunity to attend the Oquirrh mountain Temple.

It's been a great week so far! The Lord has blessed us with a ton of work and we are loving the busy schedule! Have a great week!

-Elder Ray

Grave diggin. (Took forever to dig for how small the dog was.)

Most of the Zone at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Seth and his companion, Elder Brink

Friday, March 4, 2016

West Jordan!

February 29, 2016

West Jordan! We started the transfer off great. The first lesson we had Tuesday was with K., who elder Brink had not met yet, and we put him on date for baptism. Win. It took a few days, but my butt is finally adjusted to being on a bike all day again. I love it, especially since the area is flat. 

Wednesday and Friday we taught S., a 17 yo girl who we are baptizing on Saturday. She is awesome. She already has such a strong testimony of the church and can feel God's love for her daily. 

We have a lot of apartments in our area which is where the majority of our work comes from. I don't have a whole lot to write about, everything's been going pretty smoothly this week. I miss Draper, but am already starting to love this area. We live in a member's basement, which is super nice. Then we just share their kitchen. The only sketchy thing is their 14 year old poodle that is vicious. And on its death bed... It wanders around the house giving everything (mainly our feet) the death stare.

But yeah I'm doing great! How's everyone else doin?

-Elder Ray

Elder Ray with Elder Brink in their West Jordan apartment