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Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Bless the Chicken that Laid these Eggs"

July 11, 2016

This has been a great week full of new things. Monday we got the transfer call and I spent most of my free time packing. I was headed to the Oquirrh Lake stake in Daybreak. We went and said goodbye to a couple people that were home during the day because at 6 (due to the holiday) we had a zone meeting for the rest of the night. The meeting was honestly exactly what I needed before I started this new transfer, we were trained all about how we needed to be "equally yoked" as companions to work hard together and be effective. (https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2013-10-1111-equally-yoked-together?lang=engI am definitely going to miss the Binghak Creek stake. So many good people and memories. If all goes well I will be able to return for a couple baptisms this month which will be great. But I know that once again the lord has put me where he needs me to be so that not only can I help others, but so I can grow myself.

Tuesday started the new transfer. Moving all my stuff was so crappy... But I guess that's what happens when you inherit a gym from a Tongan. My new companion is Elder Simmons, and if you've ever seen the 'pre blessed food' video on YouTube, the black guy blessing the eggs, that's a pretty good idea of my companion. He is one funny kid! He has
been out for about 7 months and came from Illinois, but grew up in Mississippi. So combine the absolute deepest voice you have ever heard in your life (I mean it) with a southern accent, and you'll understand why I have to translate for him occasionally. When we both got to the new area and 10:00 am rolled around we went out to work. We quickly
realized why the area got white washed. There is only one investigator in the stake, and yet there is so much potential! At noon we met with the zone leaders and went over some of the expectations of being a district leader And how I can serve the missionaries in my district. Immediately following that, I went and gave my first baptism interview to one of the zone leaders investigators named D. Man... D. has it rough right now, he wants to get baptized and wants his son to baptize him, but his sons wife won't let him because of something she got offended about years ago. A few years ago dougs wife was on her death bed and wanted a cat to be with when doug couldn't be there. So D. bought her two kittens. When his daughter in law found out about that she was furious because she was heavily allergic to cats and now couldn't come in to the home. She won't forgive him for it.
I don't have a whole lot of exciting things to tell about... This week was really busy but mainly with us just going to leadership in the Ward to get referrals. We are constantly finding out about Non Members in this stake.

Wednesday night we taught our only investigator, J. J. is in her mid 50s, her husband passed away about 5 years ago to a heart attack. He was a less active member and while he was alive she had suggested they both start attending to bring God into their
relationship. A couple weeks ago the previous missionaries met her on the street and talked to her a bit about gods plan for families, and then later taught her about the plan of salvation. We taught her about the restoration and the spirit was so strong! She is so open to everything we taught and was constantly saying "Oh really, I didn't know that!" But despite the spirit she felt she couldn't recognize it as her answer and didn't accept a baptismal date. She will get there though!

Thursday morning elder Simmons had an appointment with the doctor and so I spent the morning working with the zone leaders in our area. It was nice to have a car in the area so we worked down at the bottom of the hill. Later in the day we had a zone meeting, our zone is so small...

Friday we had weekly planning, then after lunch I got to do Friday call ins. Brings back memories of when I was companions with a district leader and got to sleep a couple hours after lunch, except this time I was on the other end of it. That evening we taught a less
active family that we dropped in on, sad to see the ways people creep into inactivity and disbelief. Don't slack!

Saturday we spent all day contacting referrals without much luck, so many people are out of town! And Saturday night we got a call from a high counselor reminding us that one of us were to speak in church at 9am Sunday, and so I had about an hour to prepare for that before bed time. Sunday I gave the talk and it went super well, the spirit helped a bit. Then we spent the rest of the day split up going to different church meetings. A good day all in all. That night we swung by an old couples house. S. is 96 and still kickin, his wife J. is 93 and kicking even harder. But S. is not a member and so we tried to share with him a bit about what happens when we die. But sadly being as old as he is he wasn't too keen on listening.
Good day nonetheless! I look forward to what this area has in store for us.

Have a stellar week.

-Elder Ray

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