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Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Just Needed to get the Ball Rolling"

July 18, 2016

This week was great. We are starting to find success here, just needed to get the ball rolling!

Monday we had dinner with T. The day before he and elder Simmons had one of those 'Brutha' connections and set up dinner on Monday. So we went over and ate some mean bbq, then after dinner he takes out his phone and calls his brother M. who lives in Tallahassee Florida, puts it on speaker and tells him he wants for him to listen to our message. So we taught M. the restoration over the phone, and invited him to be baptized on August 6th. He accepted! So cool to see the spirit touch someone heart even through the phone. After dinner we went and met a couple, she is a member and her husband is not, but they both are completely active. His reason for not joining is that he
doesn't wanna be told he should investigate, he wants to come to that conclusion on his own, haha. Super nice guy tho! He will get there eventually.

Tuesday I conducted my first District Meeting, it went really well. Our district is so small with only 6 elders total and no sisters or older missionaries, so the meeting flew by. That night while out making visits with a ward mission leader we were walking down the sidewalk and he stopped, paused, then turned around the way we came and we knocked on a door, got in, and were able to share a message with an active family who just said that they were having really tough day spiritually and we literally answered their prayers. Best feeling ever!

Wednesday morning I went to a District Leader Training Meeting with all the district leaders in the mission to be trained by President Lansing, his wife, and the Assistants. It was super good... Wow. President Lansing spoke of when he was in the MTC talking to Elder Bednar, he mentioned how he felt like the fat kid picked last for dodgeball and Elder Bednar said "We select the best missionaries to send to Zion. As goes Zion, as goes the church. We send special missionaries to Utah so they can have these extra special experiences in Zion, then after two years we send them home so they can become the next generation of leaders in their own areas." Wow. Scary.  After that meeting we started exchanges with the zone leaders, and I went to their area to be with elder Koo from South Korea. Brought back so many memories of elder Kim! Haha. Elder Koo finishes his mission in 3 weeks, then 9 days later flies back to start BYU. Hasn't seen his fam in 2 years and only gets 9 days with them. Crazy! He is a great missionary. I learned a lot on that exchange.

Thursday was good... Nothin outta the ordinary.

Friday rocked. After all the Friday morning stuff we went out to work and oymed a kid named D., picked him up as a new investigator and put him on date. Then we had dinner, and we set up an appointment with two strong potentials. Then oymed two people to find the guy was a less active member and his wife is not a member, so we got into their house, taught them, and put her on date for baptism. Whoop whoop.

Saturday we then taught the two people we set up an appointment with and picked them up as new investigators. So we picked up 5 total this week. The ball is now Rollin!

-Elder Ray

Seth with Elder Mestre and Elder Richardson,
District Leader Training
Elder Simmons
Elder Simmons trying Nielson's Frozen Custard 

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