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Monday, August 8, 2016

This Work is Important

August 1, 2016

Hey! So how is life going for everybody, what's new? This week was good as usual, nothin really outta the ordinary happened. 

Monday after all the usual P-Day Shenanigans we had a lesson with a less active lady who cried almost the whole lesson just cause the spirit was so strong and she knew she needed to start coming back to church.

Tuesday we had District meeting, it went super good, I focused a lot on what we call 'four minutes of restoration' which was introduced to us as a mission just over a month ago. It is where we teach the first lesson in four minutes to everyone we can to help them feel the power of the restored gospel. I recommitted the district to share it with everyone we talk to and the results have been great. That night I went with a Ward missionary and taught the S. family. They are a super nice family who has never been active in the church so they have almost no gospel knowledge, but they have started coming back and want us to teach them. It's always nice to teach people who have sincere interest in applying the gospel to their lives.

Wednesday was a blast, a 17 year old from one of our wards came out with us all day. Manuel came over at 7:50 am to start studies with us, and he worked with us till 9 pm! It was really cool, he taught lessons with us and everything. I wish I had spent a day with the missionaries back home like that. Woulda been great!

Thursday was pretty good, first thing in the morning we had interviews with the Mission President. President Lansing is a great guy, he is so focused on Baptizing! We talked about some cool things. That night we taught a couple less active families, then saw our investigator E. at the park walking his dog. We asked how his reading and prayers have
been going and he told us that he finished what we assigned him to read so he started reading Joseph Smith's testimony at the front of the book and loves the story. He said when he reads about Joseph Smith he just feels like he is there and it is so real! Then he said that every night he prays with his ex wife over the phone (she is back in Oregon also taking the missionary lessons and planning on getting baptized in September). He is hoping to get back together with her and if anything can do it, the gospel of Jesus Christ can! It's funny because he says that when they talk she always says "how come you know so much more than me already?" She has been meeting with missionaries for a few months, and we've only been meeting with him for a couple weeks. (Sorry Oregon missionaries...) We also set up a time to go down to temple square with him on Wednesday which will be great for him, especially with the new video of Joseph Smith's first vision.

Friday... Nothin exciting happened

Saturday I got to go back to West Jordan for C.'s baptism! She was so awesome, just one of those people who were ready for the truth. Everything we taught her she just ate up and accepted. Elder Kremer got to perform the baptism which I was super happy about, even though it took him a few times. (She's a little bigger than he.) After that we taught E. and as always it went  great. Then we talked to the bishop of one of our wards and he asked how his Ward mission leader was doing... So we told him he wasn't exactly meeting all the expectations. We (and the stake) expect them to go out and do Real Time Correlation with us each week where we go out and make visits for about an hour and a half. This wml told us that he and the bishop are both in agreement that that is not what their Ward needs. Which is baloney because every ward needs to have visits regularly made to the members that are struggling, and the bishop told us that the Ward mission leader never talked to him about real time correlation, that he didn't even know what it was! Haha. Ha. Sometimes dealing with 11 different wards can be a challenge.

Sunday E. came to church again! I gave him two of the suits that Elder Fehoko left me. They're a bit big for me... Haha but they fit E. perfectly! So he came to church looking like a longtime Mormon! Sunday was a bit hectic, we split up and both went to different wards
to teach primary sharing time. But it was a good day! One great thing I am learning is that no matter what happens in a day, if we can look back and say we worked our hardest that day, we are happy. I know this work is important. My invitation to each of you this week is to repent. Repentance means change, and so find one thing that you can do differently, better, or just a new thing you can do to draw you closer to God. If you can make it a habit to regularly do that, the peace and strength you will receive will help you overcome the trials that we all face in this life.

Have a 💣diggitty week.

-Elder Ray

At Candy's Baptism

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