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Monday, August 8, 2016

Bear Your Testimony

August 8, 2016

Wow. Time is flyin.
Monday was good.
Tuesday was good
Wednesday was good
Thursday was good
Friday was good
Saturday was different
Sunday was good.

Haha ok I'll give a bit more detail.

Monday night our high counselor over missionary work invited us and our investigator Erik over for dinner. After dinner we taught E. about the word of wisdom which he has struggled with for most of his life. He has been completely clean and sober for 3 months now which is awesome! We watched one of the churches '12 steps to change' videos, and he was in tears at the end and just said "that is my story."  It was way cool.

Tuesday we had a great zone training meeting focused on faith. The zone leaders had a former Mission president/Temple President come in and train us. So we left that meeting super pumped and picked up a new investigator. Haha

Wednesday we started exchanges. I went to elder Sandinos area with him and elder Alfonso came here to be with elder Simmons. Elder Sandino is from Nicaragua, it is way different to be with someone who hardly speaks English.

Thursday we ended exchanges... Not much else happened.

Friday was good. After weekly planning and having to do call ins with the district we finally forgot out to work at around 4, and we really wanted to be where the Lord needed us to be, so we prayed for guidance and were led to a less active family who has a son who has not been baptized, we were able to set up an appointment for tonight! Then we prayed again and had the thought to call a potential investigator, and we set up another appointment! It's awesome to follow the guidance of the Lord. After that we met with some ward leadership and found more potential. Whoop whoop.

Saturday... Ok. Woke up. Studied. Then left to go up the hill to a lesson. Just before we got there 
they called and had to reschedule, so we went back down the hill to a Ward party to meet some people. Then we rode back up the hill to see a high counselor, but saw someone moving in so we helped them for a couple hours. Man. That wiped us out. A house with a basement and a second story... Crazy. Then it's lunch time and we head down the hill. After a while I turn my head and look behind me to make sure elder Simmons is there, and he's not there. Ha. So I stop and wait... Still nothing. So... I ride back maybe half a mile go find him limping down the road. Apparently he was right behind me then his pant leg got caught in his frame so he reached down to unhook it, and then a gust of wind blew him into the curb and he went down, and the back end of the bike swung around and his leg went thru it and got mangled. The worst part about it is I was in front so I didn't get see it happen :( So... We wheeled him back home for lunch and figured we'd just let him rest during lunch. I ate and he slept. Then after the lunch hour I wake him up and he got outta bed, but when he tried to put weight on his leg he just collapsed. Haha so we took him to the hospital. X-rays showed no break... Just some gnarly bone bruising. So they gave him an ace bandage and some heavy duty Advil and we went to dinner. Then he took the pain pill which made his stomach hurt like crazy, so we went back home. Then President and Sister Lansing came and brought us a car (whoop whoop). By about 7:30 his stomach was doin better and he was
tired of sitting around so we went out and worked.

Sunday was awesome. First Sunday of the month is fast sunday, the meeting is open to people bearing their testimonies. As missionaries we bear our testimony in every single fast and testimony meeting, and we were sitting in sacrament meeting with E. and told him that, and told him he could bear his testimony if he wanted but didn't have to. He said he'd think about it. So the meeting goes on a bit and I signal to elder Simmons to come up and so we stand up and I walk up with elder Simmons hobbling behind me, and E. pauses, then gets up and follows! He bore such an awesome testimony! I just know that the Lord has Snatched him out of his old life into this new life so he can help others do the same. It was great because it gave the whole Ward a chance to notice him and now everyone loves him! After that we taught a youth sunday school class about temples and family history, then went home to change. Not much happened after that. We set up a few appointments. Should be a good week this week, we have a ton of lesson set up!

I feel like this transfer just started, and this is the last week! Transfer calls come a week from today! We will see where the wind takes me!

My challenge for each of you this week is to bear your testimony next fast Sunday. Just do it. Don't prepare anything to say, just stand up and be led by the spirit and I promise your words will be guided to help someone in need.

The church is true.

-Elder Ray

Elder Simmons and Elder Ray

Elder Simmons getting X-rays

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