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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

No Mo Pokemon Go

September 8, 2016

Hokay, you guys get a bit of a break this P-Day, it was a short week. Thursday night a single lady signed up to feed us so we went to the north shore of the Oquirrh lake, where every Thursday night about 15 food trucks line up so people can come get food. After that we had real time correlation with a couple Ward mission leaders. 

Friday was pretty cool, we had the usual Friday planning and call ins till about 3, then after that we went to see a kid who just came home early from his mission. We know his family pretty well since they have helped a lot with teaching and fellowshipping Erik. Their son J. got his call to Argentina and within a couple weeks there in one of the roughest areas of the mission he got mugged a few times, apartment got robbed, and a ton of other crazy stuff that would be sure to freak you out if you just came from Utah a few weeks earlier. After that we went to an early dinner, then went to a nearby stakes Community Fair. The mission president wanted us to volunteer at it so us and a few other companionships did as well. It was an awesome change of schedule. I spent from about 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm making cotton candy, so you could say imma pro by now. If anyone needs a cotton candy maker for a party, I'm your guy. After that we cleaned up for a few minutes and I got to wander over to the car show to see a 50's ford pickup built into a class 8 desert truck. Cool shtuff. 

Saturday was a slow day. All of our lessons cancelled, after dinner we were headed to knock on a potentials door when we saw a family out doing some yard work. We offered to help which they took us up on, and while we were helping we learned that it was not their house, it was the dad's brother's house, and earlier that week he was accused of a pretty big crime so he couldn't go outside because  constantly news reporters were trying to photograph him. But, they needed their yard cleaned up because if they didn't have it clean by Monday the HOA would slap them with a fat fine. (Daybreak literally looks like something out of the Truman show.) Then the family that was outside had to leave at about 7 pm, so we were left to do it alone. So we were there till 9 and completely manicured this dude's yard. Looked pretty good at the end of the night if I do say so myself. So if you need full service yard care, I'm your guy! Haha 

Sunday morning at 8:45 we taught H. and her dad T. They're doing pretty good, H. is ready to get baptized but there's some issues with the family keeping it from happening soon. They are progressing... Just a little slower than optimal. Right now we're looking at a baptismal date early November. After that we had a regional conference, broadcast from he conference center to almost the whole valley, it was great. Bishop Waddell of the presiding bishopric, the General YWP Bonnie L. Oscerson, Elder Hallstrom of the 70, and elder Ballard of the quorum of the 12 Apostles all spoke. There was a huge emphasis on a ton of things that the world seems to struggle with today. Oh and I'm pretty sure elder Ballard condemned Pokemon Go and other video games. Take note, kids. After that we taught Erik, but about half way through the lesson his back started going crazy and he was in a ton of pain so we gave him a blessing and disbanded. We then went down the hill with a ward mission leader to contact a referral from the Spanish elders, and while we were down there we got the impression to go see S., a man we had talked to on the street earlier this week. We went by and were invited in, he lives there with his wife's parents, and their 4 kids (two of which are also married with kids). So it's a busy house. They are all members but we could tell they weren't active, so we shared a brief message, and at the end of the lesson the dad spoke up and said they as a family have been struggling spiritually and that we were an answer to their prayers. That's probably my favorite thing ever, just as our Prophet says, "to follow a prompting and later find out it was the fulfillment of someone else's prayers."   After that we taught H., and were able to have a member who spoke Mandarin there with us. 'Coincidentally' he moved in to the ward almost at exactly the same time we started teaching H. That's cool. 

So it was a great few days. The lord loves missionary work, that's all I gotta say. I hope we can catch the same vision!

-Elder Ray

Making Cotton Candy at Community Fair

Elder Simmons and Elder Ray at Oquirrh Lake

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