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Thursday, September 8, 2016

5 Miles

September 8, 2016

Hokay. Sorry I didn't write Monday, for this week today is our preparation day because we will be attending the temple. Last Monday we didn't do much on pday, but in the evening we taught H. (the correct spelling, still sound like Whi) with the relief society president.  H. is awesome! She wants to join the church for all the right reasons! After that we had a meeting with our high counselor over missionary work.

Tuesday we had zone conference from 8:30 - 4 pm, it was really good, I took away a ton of stuff to improve on as usual. Wednesday we started out with a district meeting, which was kinda a flop... There is only one other companionship in my district, one of the elders is a zone leader and his companion is just a regular missionary. In our zone the two zone leaders are in two different companionships, and they had a meeting to go to Wednesday morn, so their companions were together and supposed to come to my district meeting. But, they forgot. And so about 30 minutes into the meeting with just elder Simmons and I there I was finally able to get ahold of them and they headed over. Haha. We had dinner with a family and we're talking to their son Isaac who said he had a friend whose not a member of the church who might be interested, so we set up a time the next day for Isaac to go introduce him to us. After that we met a guy whose not a member but his wife is and she attends every week. They have been married for 13 years but he's never read or prayed about the BOM...? So we challenged him to do that. 

Thursday we had Nielsons frozen custard for lunch (be jealous the new Gilbert store isn't open yet) then had a zone leadership council stressing the importance of hitting the weekly standards of excellence and hitting the 2016 baptism goal of 555. After that we went with Isaac and met his friend Z., taught him on the porch, he loved it and accepted to be baptized on September 24th! Super good kid. Sadly, later that night, Z.'s dad texted us from Z.'s phone and said "I appreciate you guys coming and talking to my son about God, but I will not let him join your cult. But I appreciate you talking to him about God." Gosh dangit. 

Friday not a ton happened, in the evening we taught Erik about the priesthood which he was on track to receive on Sunday. Saturday we spent most of the morning doing service for a less active family. We demo'd their kitchen tile. It was fun, brought me back to my flooring days! Then they took us to Nielsons for lunch (Be jealous). Elder Simmons needed to get his temple recommend since he lost it, so we went to the mission home to do that. Later in the day we taught R. and L. who run a Christian church near by. Super nice, probably the least antagonistic Christians who are firm in their faith that I've ever met. 

Sunday was pretty busy. We were all over the place in the morning at different wards. At noon we got back together because Erik was receiving the Aaronic priesthood and being ordained to the office of a Priest! He asked me to do the ordination, which was a great experience. He has been so stoked at his progression, he was able to receive a limited use temple recommend as well. After that elder Simmons taught H. and her fam. After that we taught H., had dinner, then taught a less active guy. 

Monday I ran my first Ever (and last ever...) Five mile race. There was a run from the Oquirrh Mountain Temple to the Jordan River temple, the two closest temples in the world, and president Lansing wanted us all to either volunteer or run. So we ran. About half way through the race elder Simmons tweaked his bad knee so he stayed back and walked with another missionary and I kept goin with a different missionary. That night we taught H. again, then had the weekly meeting with our high counselor.

Tuesday we had a zone training meeting, then had lunch, then we had to go to the dentist because elder Simmons needed to (brush your teeth, kids). Then dinner, and a few lessons. We swung by E.'s place and his wife answered and said she was glad we stopped by cuz the day before, E. passed out from dehydration, hit the floor face first, and busted his teeth out. So she asked us to come by and give him a blessing. 

Wednesday morning we went to the Oquirrh mtn temple with Erik and he did baptisms for the dead, it was a great thing for him. He has changed so much! After that we gave E. a blessing and taught him how one day he can receive the priesthood to bless his family which he seemed really interested in. After dinner we taught a few lessons, one of which was a new investigator, M., who is now on date to get baptized the beginning of October! So far today we spent the whole morning in the temple, which was awesome. It takes you out of the world. Definitely the best way to spend a morning!


-Elder Ray

Elder Ray meeting with stake leaders
Elders Ray and Simmons with Erik at the Temple

Seth with his Zone at the Temple

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