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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


September 26, 2016

This week was even slower than last. The new diagnosis for elder Simmons is Ebola. When we told the mission presidents wife that the doctor said elder Simmons had Ebola she almost had a heart attack, that was pretty funny. 

Monday we got hair cuts, then had a zone activity. We played frisbee and touch rugby. Then we taught E., Z., and L. They are great! It seems like the only one with any concerns is E.'s wife, J. And yet she is the member in the family. Haha. 

Tuesday we had district meeting. My district almost doubled in size because the Daybreak stake got an MLS couple. After the meeting elder Simmons was dying so we took him to instacare. They told him that everything in his body was inflamed. Haha. Then after dinner we taught a few less actives. 

Wednesday we went on exchanges, I went to the Daybreak stake to be with elder Cady and elder Craig came to be with elder Simmons. 

Thursday we taught R., the Christian pastor we have been teaching for a few weeks. Great guy! He has some crazy desire to seek truth, but struggles with understanding that Christ gave priesthood authority by the laying on of hands. Then we taught some more less actives. 

Friday elder Simmons was sick all day,  but it was different than before, so we had Erik take him to the instacare again. They said nothing's wrong with him... 

Saturday we had lunch with Erik and taught him... not much else.

Sunday we left for meetings in the morning at 7:30, went to church till we sung in a primary program around 1, then stayed at church till a meeting at 4 with all the Ward mission leaders, then went to dinner with a Ward mission leaders fam. After that we talked to one of our investigators and set up an appointment, then taught S., a less active. 
We haven't gotten transfer calls yet but we are pretty sure we are staying here and together, because elder Simmons is getting some major dental reconstruction done soon and president doesn't wanna push that on another companion, so I'll probably be staying with him.  That'll be sick, I'll get to video him when he gets his wisdom teeth out next week. :)

-Elder Ray

Seth with the Daybreak Zone in South Jordan

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