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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


September 19, 2016

This week was pretty slow compared to most. Monday elder Simmons was sick, but we hit up the batting cages with the Daybreak elders anyways, then had dinner with a less active lady and shared a message with her, then met with our high counselor. 

Tuesday we had district meeting, then went straight to the dentist so elder Simmons could get some cavities filled, then we had dinner with the Batman family, then did real time correlation. We had a lesson with E. and his two kids, L. and Z., are now on date for baptism! Then we taught a few less actives with Ward missionaries and called it a night. 

Wednesday we helped H.'s dad T. move some old couches outta their apartment and some new ones in. I tell ya... All these new apartments are so 'Space efficient'... It is not easy getting couches through those stairways. Elder Simmons was still sick so he almost passed out a few times. #trooper. Then we started exchanges with the zone leaders. I got to stay in the area with elder Craig and Elder Simmons went to Elder Bouchillon's area. We taught a bunch of lessons Wednesday, we picked up a new instigator named S. (say it in an ozzy voice), then taught H. who all of a sudden came up with a bunch of concerns, then taught a 19 year old kid named S. who has fetal alcohol syndrome so he is essentially 10. S. is awesome though because he has a true desire to make his life better and discover if God is there. In the past couple weeks of meeting with him he has gone from hating life and believing there is no God, to loving life and knowing God is there. It's so cool to see the change the gospel helps people undergo. After dinner we taught a couple less actives and our investigator M. who is super solid. She knows everything already which is rad!

Thursday morning after studies we didn't have much time because elder Craig needed to leave to go to the temple with one of his recent converts at like 11, so we just booked it out of the apartment right after studies to head to knock on a door or two. We saw a girl at the park with some kids and went to talk to her and found out that she is a member but usually doesn't go to church cuz she spends time with her Fiancé that has started to resist going to church. We were able to just share the blessings of putting God first and she told us how good she felt talking to us about that. It is amazing to see the spirit testify of truth even in the most casual situations to help God's children make correct choices. After we ended the exchanges elder Simmons was, you guessed it, sick, so we didn't do much till after dinner, we tried to go out and work but he was too sick so he went home with a split and I went with a member and taught E. and his Family the plan of salvation. They all had a ton of good questions which is always a good sign!

Friday was extra crappy, elder Simmons was too sick to get outta bed so I did weekly planning by myself then did call ins till about 2:30, then we had dinner just drop off food, then we tried to walk to the church to get our bikes to head to an appointment. When we got to the church elder Simmons immediately went to throw up, then threw up two more times before we left, so we rode the bikes back home in defeat. We weren't able to find someone to stay home with elder Simmons and someone to come out with me so we stayed in the rest of the night. 

Saturday was pretty similar, no luck finding people willing or able to split with us so we stayed home most of the day till the evening when we had a lesson with M., we were able to find a split to go to that. 

Sunday wasn't bad, we spoke in sacrament in the morning and elder Simmons didn't throw up till after sacrament meeting, then we went to a few different wards, and then practiced singing with a primary for their primary program next week. Should be fun. Then we taught H., had dinner with a less active Tongan family, taught S. again, and then hit the hay. 

We're onto the last week of the transfer again. Hopefully elder Simmons feels better so we can work hard! My diagnosis is that he has Leprosy.  

Have a killer week everyone. Don't forget to write!

-Elder Ray

Batting Cages on Pday

Elder Simmons at the Dentist

Utah Salt Lake City South Mission at 5 Mile Temple Run

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