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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Last Day in the MTC

September 7, 2015

Honestly I do not have much to say about this week. I feel like I just got here. This week was such a blur... Almost every day was the same. Tomorrow morning  I leave for the field at 6:05 AM and couldn't be more ready. 

Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely LOVED my time here at the MTC, but two weeks is plenty and I'm ready to start doing the Lord's work. We have had class morning and afternoon every day just like last week, which once again I learned a lot from. It is such a weird feeling to sit in class for 3 hours at a time and not get tired of it because of the spirit you feel.

There is a little tradition for each departing missionary in our zone to get a priesthood blessing the night before they leave, and this morning Elder Webster from Gilbert left with his companion Elder Clark to Jackson Mississippi. Last night was their turn for blessings and Elder Clark asked me to give him one. Before last night I had anointed a decent amount of times but never had I given a blessing for comfort. I did my best to let the spirit speak but when I finished I felt like I didn't do very well. Elder Clark then got up and hugged me, then went around the circle and hugged all those who stood in. I started to walk back to my room but Elder Clark came back to me and grabbed my hand firmly and with tears in his eyes told me that those were the exact words that were in his patriarchal blessing. I can say that that was the most spiritual moment in my life, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to act as a mouthpiece of the Lord.

I hope that I can do my best to work hard and serve the Lord for the next two years and make them the best of my life.

Love you all,

-Elder Ray

I'll try and send some pics every now and then too. First pic is of Elder Webster and me, he went to Gilbert High.

2nd pic is my comp and me.

Elder Webster and Elder Ray

Elder Ravsten and Elder Ray

Elder Ray and Brother Carver, MTC Instructor

Seth with Gilbert, AZ Area Elders

MTC Zone

Elder Ray

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