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Monday, September 21, 2015

Asian Food, Rain, and Spiritual Gifts

September 21, 2015

Well another week down! Not a whole lot special went on this week. We spent a lot of time trying to get referrals. Every time we have dinner with a member family we teach the first lesson and commit them to pray and ask for missionary experiences. So far that's been going great, and the members in the stake are learning how much Elder Hilsberg and I love meat. Last night we had dinner with a lady who used to own a catering business. She made us Asian food. It was probably the best Asian food I've had in my life.

We have done one service project where we helped a short lady trim her trees. Might've already told you about that one. We have three investigators right now. One has been an investigator for 25 years.... We're gonna start getting pushy cuz I feel like he's only in it for the social. So we're gonna remove the social and make it only spiritual. Another is actually slowly progressing... And the other is barely paying attention. He's kinda only doing it for his wife but we're hoping to change that.

The weather has been really nice this week. It got cold with some rain mid week but it's cleared up and is beautiful now. Today we are gonna run to the mall and get sum winter clothes since I have none. Which isn't good.

I feel like this week God really wanted me to learn about spiritual gifts for some reason. We had multiple lessons on them on Sunday and multiple people bore their testimonies on them. We met a lady who has very unique spiritual gifts, and a member’s daughter that also has very unique gifts. It is really amazing to see the things God does through his children to help others. The spirit is there for all those who seek it, that's all we gotta do!

-Elder Ray

Seth on splits with Elder Richardson from Gilbert

Elder Ray and Elder Hilberg working in the rain

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