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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Zone Conferences, Zone Leader Exchanges, and Transfers

May 22, 2017

Buenos Lunes
One more busy week down, of which I remember very little. We are currently at the Mission Office, And I don't have my journal in front of me, so I'll try my best...

We had our last zone conference this week, with the Two biggest Zones in the mission, Sandy zone and Spanish zone. Zone conference is always crazy and fun. We did the same training as the other 2 Zone conferences, focused on the "Music of the Gospel". A lot of the training was pointed toward helping missionaries understand the importance of having effective studies. The night before each zone conference, we picked a missionary from one the zones that would be there the next day and took them 36 paper cups, with the instructions that they had to completely stack into a pyramid all the cups, and unstack them, all within one minute. We told them to practice and get Reallly good at it. Then, the next day, at the start of the training, we asked for one volunteer from each of the two zones. Hands go up, and we pick the missionary who had practiced the night before, and a missionary who did not. We brought them up to the front, and had them compete. It was pretty funny to see everyones reactions, considering that one missionary absolutely destroyed the other, and no one new why. It was a great example of the Importance of preparation.

We went on two exchanges this week, one was with the Riverton zone leaders, the other with the South Jordan zls. both went pretty well!

Saturday morning we always meet with the mission president to discuss the goings on in the mission. Before the meeting we had to take a couple beds to a new home for the spanish zone leaders, then we headed to President Lansing's home. Always a great meeting. These upcoming transfers will be pretty crazy. We lose 27 missionaries between now and the end of august, most of which have been high in mission leadership, so we are going to be hurting a bit. Crazy stuff.

But, All in All, Life is Good!

-Elder Ray

Elder Morris and Elder Ray

Seth with the Riverton Zone Leaders

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