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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Happy Mothers Day

May 15, 2017

First off, Happy Mothers Day to the best mom in the world! I am sorry for those of you whose moms aren't mine, cuz she's the best. 

This week was pretty crazy and just flew by... Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30-3:00 we had Zone conferences, which meant we were at the office at 8 to get things ready, and didn't get out till 4:30. The meetings went really well, we centered it all around a new Mormon message that no one had seen. Last week we were praying about what to train on because it was 12am and we had nothing, then we opened up Mormon channel and saw this brand new Mormon message, and loved it. Now 2/3rds of the mission is quoting it and the other third has no clue what's going on cuz their zone conference is tomorrow.

Thursday from 9-1:30 we had district leader training, it went super well. Then we had exchanges with the Spanish Zone leaders, I went with Elder Garcia and Elder Morris went with Elder Bottari. We knocked on a door and met Chris, an inactive who said he was literally about to call the missionaries but couldn't find our number. He was going through a crazy tough time so we taught him a lesson and got his info to the YSA missionaries. It was awesome.

Friday we had ZL and STL meetings all afternoon...

Saturday was pretty all over. We went to an elders first baptism of his mission—he has been serving for 11 months. Tough. My first ZL companion was there, Thiago Rosette! Haha. He flew in last week from Brazil to go to LDSBC. we had lunch with some Zone leaders to talk about how they can better work with the Sister Training Leaders, then we worked on a new mission training plan. That night we had to get a spare tire from a companionship to take it to the Portuguese elders who blew two tires when they swiped a curb. Ha. 
Sunday was pretty chill, because of Mother's Day there weren't any extra meetings, then after dinner we got to Skype home! That was great. Crazy to think it was the last Skype call of the mission!

-Elder Ray

Elder Ray with Thiago Rossette, former companion

Elders Ray and Morris (APs) with the Zone Leaders

Late night tire change

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