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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Yo I Met an Apostle

December 19, 2016

This week was pretty rad. 
So Monday we had Transfers to take care of and Tuesday I moved. BACK TO OQUIRRH LAKE! It's been pretty great to be back. Literally everyone I see goes "Wait Elder Ray, YOU'RE BACK!" I can tell I left a good impression on the stake because everyone is stoked to see me back. The second we started meeting the Ward mission leaders they all started giving us referrals of people that need to get baptized. We were able to take care of all the transfer items pretty quickly... we got bikes all moved to where they needed to be and made sure everyone had the info they needed to work since there were a decent amount of changes in areas.

Wednesday we had a District Meeting, and they all happened at the zone building so that Mail is easier for the mission office staff. Then everyone went home and came back after lunch for our Zone expectation meeting. All our missionaries are great, I'm pumped for this transfer. It's a 7 week transfer so we have a ton of time to find investigators, and we are already off to a good start.

Thursday we had a Zone conference with our Zone and the Sandy Zone, elder Jensen and I gave a training on the importance of studying Preach my gospel. It was pretty fire in my opinion.

Friday we had weekly planning and call ins for most of the day, but we found a ton of good potential. We contacted a girl named C. on the street, and the spirit was so strong as we testified of the Book of Mormon! She kept coming closer to us as we testified and we held out the book of the Mormon and she took it without us even having to put forth any effort. As we walked away from her after setting up an appointment we heard her say that this is exactly what she has been praying for. Wow.

Saturday we had a breakfast Christmas party where we shared the #LighttheWorld initiative and ate some food. Then we found and picked up a new investigator, I., whose wife and kids are active members.  We had a great lesson where we basically taught him how he needs to learn (by not trying to combat everything we say with what he believes). Haha.

Sunday was another session of "ELDER RAY WE ARE SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!" All day long. We had a great dinner, then it was off to the mission office in Sandy. While President and Sister Lansing were in the MTC this summer before they came out, they were being trained by the apostles, and Elder Rasband asked them what he could do to help the mission. They told him it would be great to have a visit from him, and so spawned the idea of this little Christmas Devotional. So last night we all got to shake hands with Elder Rasband, the newest of the Lord's Twelve Apostles, then we got to listen to him teach us about Christ. Wow. It was amazing. I have a few pages of notes but I would say the thing that stood out to me was the promise he made to us that "The more you know the Savior, the more you will love him. And the more you love the Savior, the more you will want to serve and follow him" He told us how he has learned to look into the eyes of a missionary and discern whether or not their fires are kindled to the point of them having the desire to diligently do the work, and that some of the missionaries he shook hands with could use a little wood on the fire. He then counseled us to study the life of the savior so we can know him, love him, and follow him better. Pretty neat stuff. 

Have a merry Christmas week everybody!

  Elder Ray

Seth and Elder Jensen

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