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Monday, December 5, 2016

A Pretty "Food" Week

November 28, 2016

This was a pretty food week. I mean Good week. Good food.

Tuesday started with a district meeting, we evaluated Elder Manarin's meeting. It went pretty well, he has a pretty tough district. 3 young missionary companionships which is pretty normal, and 6 senior couple companionships. Senior couples are the salt of the earth... but they like to talk a lot. He does a great job keeping it all under control! After the meeting we started exchanges with Elder Froehlich, one of the district leaders, and he's another Arizona elder! He came out one transfer before me and is solid.

Wednesday morning we ended exchanges at 7:30 because elder Froehlich had to go to district leader Training meeting, then at 9 am we went to a companionship study with a companionship that has been struggling with a few things—having effective door approaches and street contacts, extending bold and clear invitations, etc—which turned out really well. They appreciated the help and have seemed to be doing better already. At noon elder Rossette had to go to a specialized Spanish/Portuguese training, and so he went with another elder in our zone and I worked with his companion, Elder Choi, from South Korea. The whole time I had flashbacks of Elder Kim and our good times in Draper last Christmas. Later in the evening we met one of our High Priest Group Leaders that is super missionary minded and he gave us a referral for an older less active couple in his building, we were able to go over and teach them on the spot! That was pretty great.

Turkey Day! To start off the day we went to the companionship study of another companionship that is struggling with working in unity and with their relationship. It was pretty sad to see how the senior companion (and District Leader) is so prideful and harsh to his companion what has only been out for about 2 months. After that we had lunch with the Kinikini Family, a huge Tongan family. Such a blast! The Polynesian people are so nice, I've never met nicer people in my life. Then a few hours later we had dinner with a large extended family, also very good. Throughout most of the day we just went by members and shared the new #LighttheWorld Christmas message you can find on Mormon.org, then we made cards for all the missionaries in the zone, our mission president (who lives in our zone), and then some of the leadership we work with a lot in our wards. Pretty chill day.

Friday we spent most of the day doing weekly planning and call ins. While doing call ins we mad our poster finally, it turned out pretty rad. We taught Shelly one last time before her baptism, she rocks! We knocked on a door and got let in by a less active man, pretty quickly we could tell he was really drunk and it basically ended with him pulling out two chairs and screaming at us telling us we had to sit down. So we left. Bahaha. Then we taught a less active family and had a really good lesson.

Saturday was killer. We had Shelly's baptism at 11am, then at 12 I got to go back to the Oquirrh lake for Reagan's baptism! I was able to find and teach Reagan just before I left Oquirrh Lake Stake, and I was able to do her baptismal interview as well

Sunday was pretty normal, just trying not to fall  asleep in sacrament meetings all day long. After dinner we were able to teach M., an 11yr old, and pick him up as a new investigator! He didn't accept a baptismal date but we will help him to when we go back this week! 
Now it's snowing again, so that's pretty fun. 

-Elder Ray

Missionary Poster by Elders Ray and Rossette

At Elder Manarin's District Meeting

Thanksgiving Meal #1 with the Kinikini family

Thanksgiving Meal #2

Shelly's baptism

Reagan's baptism

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