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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wisdom Teeth, a Bike Rack, and a Baptism

October 10, 2016

Well as you all know, Monday Elder Simmons got his wisdom teeth out. It was possibly the best day ever. I'll send some video. Later in the evening elder Simmons stayed with some members and I went and taught M. and H. with her family. 

Tuesday morning we had a zone meeting but elder Simmons was still way out of it so he stayed with a member again and I went to the meeting, then we didn't do much till dinner. After dinner I dropped elder Simmons off at a members house and I went out with some Ward mission leaders and taught some less actives. 

Wednesday morning we had Interviews with President Lansing, and we got a bike rack for the car! So now (when Elder Simmons gets better) we can haul our bikes to parts of our area and bike them. We taught a Christian pastor whose knowledge of the Bible is way too much for his own good. He refuses to view the Bible any differently than he currently does. Oh well. Elder Simmons worked with me that night but it beat him good. 

Thursday we had a zone leadership meeting so I got together with another District Leader and we went, leaving elder Simmons with the other district leaders companion. Then we visited some people and had M.'s baptismal interview.

Friday we had weekly planning, then elder Simmons had another Dentist appointment to see what the next step with his teeth is. We got home around 2 and did call ins till our lesson with S., then we went to help some elders in my district fix their bikes so they could get to dinner, then had dinner, then we taught E. 

Saturday... BAPTISM! M. got baptized, it was killer. One of the best parts was probably that her mom (who is catholic) said it was one of the most powerful things she has ever seen. Too bad they are moving next week! That's okay though, the other missionaries can get her:) After the baptism we went and had refreshments at M.'s house and then went out to work. We were pedal to the metal all evening, it was a good feeling since we haven't done that in a while. At about 8:30! We had the impression to go by a part member family, so we did. We knocked and a large African American guy answered and invited us in. Elder Simmons was happy. He is not a member, and his wife is active. We had a great visit and Taught him the restoration, he clearly felt the spirit. It was a great end of the night. Apparently we caught him just right as he got home, he is a truck driver so he is hardly ever home, it was a miracle!

Sunday was great but long. President and sister Lansing showed up to one of our sacrament meetings which was really cool. They bore their testimonies, we bore ours, and pretty much everyone else who bore their testimony bore it on missionary work, the spirit was so strong! But the best part is that W. showed up. W.'s wife and kids are super active and super strong, but W. hasn't been to church in over a year. About a week ago we set up an appointment with his family to teach them (him, mainly) Sunday evening, so it was so cool to see him come to church before we even committed him! After dinner we went to W.'s house and taught them. The spirit was so strong! It is so cool to see how the lord prepares people to come back to him, I know that we were foreordained to teach W. We were able to connect with him so well, he opened up to us in a way that perfectly allowed us to boldly testify and commit him to come to church. After that we taught S. again. 

I am so grateful for the spirit. It's presence in my life has greatly strengthened my faith. The Joseph Smith translation of Romans 4;16 reads "Therefore, he are justified of faith and works, through Grace." This prevents us from believing that faith is merely a passive belief, resulting in no change to our behavior, loyalty, or character. Paul saw faith as a principle of power and action. 

While our works do not justify us from sin, it is only Christ's atonement which can, our works signify our faith. To be blunt, if your works are not righteous due to your faith, then you have no faith, you have a passive belief.  Moroni 7:38 says that "No man can be saved, according to the words of Christ, save they shall have faith in his name." That is true. So have faith on him, and act according to that faith. If you do, "Ye can enter into the rest of the Lord, from this time henceforth until ye shall rest with him in heaven."

-Elder Ray

Elders Ray and Simmons with Mia at her baptism

South Jordan Zone

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