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Thursday, October 20, 2016

"This Week was Crazy"

October 17, 2016

This week was crazy.
Monday after shopping we decided to go on a drive, so we took the Sliderolla up Butterfield Canyon to the Kennecot Mine overlook. That was a pretty fun drive, it felt good just to...drive... after that we played some sports with our zone then taught C. and G. a recent convert lesson. 

Tuesday we had District Meeting, the zone leaders were evaluating another district meeting so it was just Elder Simmons and I, and Elder Brock and Elder Bower. It was a bit odd having a tiny district like that again. We had dinner with the nicest people I've ever met, and they weren't members of the church. Sadly they were not interested in hearing our message. We still shared it, still invited them to be baptized, they still said no :/ After that we made visits with Ward mission leaders. We taught an excommunicated member who is waiting to get baptized again, then a less active fam that's been coming to church. Then we taught G. (a former investigator) and put her on date for November! Hopefully she can stay on date and we don't have to drop her again haha.

Wednesday I had a District Leader Training meeting all morning which was awesome. I took away a ton of things I can do to improve. After dinner, we had RTC (real time correlation, i.e., visits with Ward mission leaders). We taught a great guy, K., whose not a member, but we couldnt get him to commit to letting us back to teach him again. Oh well.

Thursday we had a mission tour, where Elder Michael Ringwood, a General Authority Seventy, came and taught us all day. It was pretty great. After dinner we took a 20 yr old out with us who is prepping for a mishmash and taught a couple less actives.

Friday we went on exchanges, I went to elder Brock's area and elder Bower came here to be with Elder Simmons. They went pretty good, we were able to put someone on date for baptism in their area.

Saturday morning in their area we helped Mia and her mom move, they moved from my stake into elder Brock's stake so we were on the receiving end of the move. Then we finished the exchange and worked hard till the end of the day. We were pretty exhausted which is always the best.

Sunday we did church all day. Then taught W., a less active who is coming back to church, then spoke at a mission preview activity for a Ward, then taught S., then hit the hay. 

Peace fam

-Elder Ray

Seth at the Kinnecot Mine Overlook

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