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Monday, June 20, 2016

Short Week, Hot Sauce

June 13, 2016

Well due to the short period of time between this preparation day and last pday, there's not a ton to say. On Wednesday night we taught a couple less actives, they ended up coming to church which is rewarding for us.  It's nice to know that our efforts don't always go to waste. Then we taught C. and B. Still workin on smoking... I wish C. would just stop. I know he could, then he could get baptized. 

Thursday not a whole lot happened. We went around the stake going by all the houses that have children over 8 who are not baptized, but not too many people answered. Friday after weekly planning we had lunch with the blocks, then continued to work on the list of unbaptized children. Then we had a really good lesson with A.  and S., we taught them about the plan of salvation which made a lot of sense to Adam because he couldn't see a loving God sending his children to either one heaven or hell. Saturday was great, we took C., B., and D. to temple square to try and solidify them to be sealed in the temple. B. and D. loved it, but C.surprised us. Even though he had talked to the bishop about getting the priesthood he still told all of us that he wasn't sure if he wanted it yet. And when we asked him why, the only reason was because he doesn't like giving up the time on Sunday to go to church. I hope he can just understand that a few hours a week isn't much to ask to receive eternity with your family. 

I enjoyed Saturday night very much. After dinner we went to A.'s house, a less active we are working with. Elder Kremer has had bad allergies going on all week and his nose has been completely stuffed. So get to A.'s and elder Kremer asks if he has any extremely hot spices or hot sauce he can eat to try and clear up his nose. Alan goes into the kitchen and comes out with some Ghost Pepper sauce. It's in this little eye dropper bottle, and Alan tells him to pull out the eye dropper and just touch it to his finger, then rub his finger on his tongue. So he does, and he dies. Just kidding, elder Kremer is still alive, but man it was funny. You would think he just drank a bottle of hot sauce... And you couldn't even see the sauce on his finger. That's how little he put on. So for about 5 minutes he sat there in agony, and it didn't do anything for his nose. So then in an attempt to get him to use more I tell him "maybe you should rub some on the roof of your mouth since it's closer to your nose." So he did. That was even funnier. But still,5 minutes later, nothin. Then I tell him he should put a little on his finger and rub it inside his nose. You would think at this point he would figure out I was just trying to make him miserable... But he didn't. So he stuck some in his nose and didn't stop crying for the next 10 minutes. Seriously though, constant tears streaming down his face. My cheeks were hurting dang bad at this point, then A. had an itch in his eye and starts rubbing it. Apparently he had a bit of sauce or something on his fingers just from handling the bottle, and now A. starts crying too. Me and A.'s wife can't stop laughing at this point. A. did say that his nose had cleared out from it though, and we almost got elder Kremer to put some I his eye but he backed 
out. Then I start talking again and say "well maybe you just need it to go down your throat a bit more." And so we have him put a few drops on a saltine cracker and he chomps that down. Nothin. Must have absorbed it and he didn't even feel it. So the last thing I told him to try was just trying to use the eye dropper to squirt some down his throat. So he fills up about the first 3/4" of the eye dropper and squirts it into the back of his throat. Bahaha. This kid is crazy. He literally couldn't talk his mouth hurt so bad. His face was redder than I've ever seen before. Bright cherry red. Fun stuff. 

Sunday we went to church and A. came! No one else did though which was too bad. We taught a less active Sunday night, that's about it. Now it's pday again. Gonna get hair cuts today.

Have a good week!

-Elder Ray

Elder Ray and Elder Kremer at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple

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