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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Another New Companion

May 30, 2016

Monday we got transfer calls and just as I expected I stay in West Jordan. My new companion is elder Kremer, who was one of elder Fehoko's companions when we were in the same district in draper, so I'd been on some exchanges with him before. Monday I pretty much lounged around all day while elder Fehoko finished packing.

Tuesday elder Fehoko left for the mission office for his departing day in the mission office, and elder Kremer and I went to work. Wednesday elder Fehoko began the day and a half journey to the Kingdom of Tonga, and Tina and Phil--our landlords- left for Peru for two weeks. It was a killer day. Our new district leader is from Ecuador so understanding him is more of a chore but it's doable. That night we went out with a few wards on splits and had some really good lessons. When we got home elder Kremer was super pumped. He went off for a good amount of time on how stoked he is to work hard this transfer which is great, cuz he was struggling a bit last transfer. He's only got 4 months left so he needs to push till the end! 

Thursday we got up and mowed the lawn then went and had burgers with our Ward mission leader. Had some more good lessons. Friday after weekly planning we went out to work. Remember C.S.? He spent a few weeks detoxing and is now back and says he wants to get back into the gospel! So we picked him up as a new investigator again and put him on date for the 18th. He knows he's made progress cuz of the church, and so he came to church Sunday despite having a swollen tooth that looked like he had a golf ball in his mouth. No joke.  Saturday was awesome too. Tons of miracles. Sunday was great too, C. and S. didn't come to church tho. 

This week was super good, we picked up a few more investigators and have been seeing many blessings working hard. Hard work pays off, we are already looking like we will have at least two baptisms this transfer.

Happy summer everyone. Hope you're enjoying the heat.

-Elder Ray

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