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Monday, May 2, 2016

We Have Seen Miracles...

April 25, 2016

It's been a pretty good week. We have seen miracles, the Lord has helped us as we strive to achieve a hefty goal. Tuesday after district meeting we went to a meeting with the missionary technology department that we were invited to a couple weeks ago. We were the first of about 5 companionships that got to see a new app that they are working on to make our proselyting and planning more efficient. It was really neat to see this team of guys and all the hard work they put in to help the work of salvation. I can't think of a cooler job to have than the one they do (except maybe missionary work itself).

Wednesday elder Fehoko broke his bike. His legs are too big... He sheared the spindle between the cranks in half. Luckily our landlords are awesome enough to risk letting him ride theirs for the last 4 weeks of his mission.

Thursday we walked most of the day because we hadn't got the bike yet, and we taught C., a less active whose wife is due to have a baby in a couple months. The bishop wants C. to be able to bless the baby when she is born, and we are going to try and help get him there. The lesson with him went really well, we talked and got to know him, and set the expectation that we will meet with him once a week and he needs to do what we ask to get to the point at which he can meet with the bishop. He's got a lot to do... He opened up to us and told us the
reason he is unable to bless his baby at the moment-on top of being inactive-is that he robbed a bank. Wow. Haha, he is the nicest guy ever, you couldn't have guessed. I'm excited to be working with him and ultimately want him to get to where he can be sealed to his wife.

Friday we had a font side  lesson with E. and set the time for her baptism to 12:00 on the 14th, and she is so excited to take this step in her life. Last week we taught her about the word of wisdom and she agreed to live it, she's doing great! Hasn't slipped up yet! We swung by N. and were able to teach her a lesson and re-invite her to baptism. We told her to pray and ask God if she should get baptized April 23rd, April 30th, May 7, or May 14. She said she would!

Saturday it rained all day, and we didn't teach any lessons. But it was still good! We tried hard to find more people to teach, and met lots of potential.

Sunday morning we split, I went to Ward council with a ward Mission leader and elder Fehoko went to church with a different ward mission leader to be with E. She stayed for sacrament but wasn't feeling good so she was going to leave after that, but the bishop offered a priesthood blessing, to which she accepted. So elder Fehoko and the bishop gave her a blessing and were able to teach her about the priesthood a bit before she went home. During priesthood meeting, N.'s husband sat down next to us and said that N. prayed and got an answer and wants to get baptized this Saturday! Such a great miracle.  After that we went to a different sacrament meeting, and C. kept his word and came to church! That is always the best. After that we taught KD and got great news that her mom, who we were waiting for to get out of the hospital so she can be at KDs baptism, got transferred to a different hospital  which should allow her to come to the baptism! So she should be getting baptized soon. We had an awesome lesson with D. B. and C., in which they agreed to stop drinking coffee, beer, and smoking so they can be baptized the 14th! It is very exciting to see the people you are working with progress so well. The lord really has prepared so many people to progress in the gospel in this area.

Hope everyone has a killer week!

-Elder Ray


Elder Fehoko

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