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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"It's time to leave, guys."

May 16, 2016

It was a great week. Monday started with a hike (sprint) up Bells Canyon. We wanted to get to the top to see the waterfall but wanted to be able to get back to work on time... So we ran up and down. I'm barely recovering. But it was a blast.

Tuesday we taught E. which went really well, then visited a cool less active-H.-that wants to start coming back so he can baptize his son when he turns 8 in August.

Wednesday was a killer day, we taught K. and T. and found out their mom just got moved to a rehabilitation center so she will be able to leave for a few hours to come to the baptism. So K. and T. are getting baptized this Saturday! Then we taught B. and D. We talked a lot about desire and how sacred the covenants we make at baptism are. She really understood and told us she had repented and truly did feel sorry for drinking. It was a really spiritual lesson and at the end we asked her to pray and ask if she should be baptized on the 14th or not. During the prayer we all had a really good feeling that she was ready for the 14th. 

Thursday after lunch we started exchanges, I stayed in my area and the DL elder Stout came here with me. We taught E. about tithing which she seemed a little nervous about... And then just as we were finishing up she said she didn't feel well and needed to leave, and she left. The relief society president who has been in on lots of lessons and has been reading the Book of Mormon with her on her own time said that E. had expressed some concern over tithing and not being able to pay it. I think tithing will be a big struggle for her. Later that evening we were in the apartments and I was trying to think of someone new who was not a member who we could go by, and I remembered a lady-C.- we had talked to who was super nice and said come by any time. So we went by, and taught her and her husband S. She wasn't ready to accept a baptismal date but they both seemed prepared to progress. They had been attending with his parents every now and then and she was eager to learn, and they expressed desire to one day be sealed together for eternity! We are teaching them again on Wednesday and we will see how it goes! Then we taught D. and B., and because we had elder Stout there we had him interview one of them while I taught the other. Both passed and he said that the interview he had with B. was the most spiritual interview he had ever done, just another confirmation she is ready. 

Friday was a little hectic but it was good. We taught B., C., and D. one last time before they were baptized, it went great. Saturday morning, B. and D. were baptized! I was able to baptize D., and their neighbors son, Hunter, who had come to a lot of lessons and is just getting ready to submit his mission papers was able to baptize B. which was awesome for him! It was such an awesome baptismal service. The rest of the day we didn't teach anyone, all our appointments fell through. But we talked to a ton of people, as per the usual on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Sunday was kinda disappointing. E. didn't show up for church, and neither we nor the relief society president have been able to get ahold of her since the last lesson.  Because she didn't come we will have to move the baptism again but more importantly we need to make sure she isn't afraid of any of the new principles of the gospel. But on the contrary, D. and B. got confirmed members of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints and received the gift of the Holy Ghost! B.'s husband C. even came to church and stayed the whole time. Sunday night We got a text from B. saying he even confessed to enjoy it! Haha. The rest of the day was kinda crazy. Haha, we went to the apartment where Br., an investigator we picked up a couple weeks ago lives with her less active dad L. and less active recently baptized brother J. Br. wasn't there, she had already left to go back to her mom's, but we asked if we could come in and share a message. L. said sure, then mumbled something else and walked back into his room, leaving us with J. who is about 16. So we shared a little message with J. about the importance of having the gospel in our lives to catch us when we fall, and then asked him what some things were that he could do to build up that safety net. We taught him that he needs to attend church so he can keep his covenants, and just as we invited him to church L. walks out of his room and goes "alright, time to leave" haha and so we get up and ask if we can share a prayer before we leave and he just says "it's time to leave, guys" so we start walking out the door and I hold out my hand to shake his before we leave and he just says it again "it's time to leave." Hahaha. So we left. We couldn't stop laughing about it the rest of the night because it's not too often someone kindly invites you in then makes you leave like that. Crazy dude haha. 

Hope all your weeks are just as crazy!
-Elder Ray

Elder Fehoko, B., Hunter, D., Elder Ray, and Elder Brink

Hiking Bell's Canyon

The meaning of this TBD...

Elders, Ray, Fehoko, Brink, and ??

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