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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Peace Out Draper.

February 22, 2016

The weather this week was awesome. Reminded me of home... It was in the high 50s nearly every day except for one random day that it poured, then hailed, then snowed for a couple hours. And today when it decided to be snowing when we woke up. Tuesday we had district meeting and were surprised when President and Sister Chambers showed up... But they brought lots of snacks so it was totally okay.

We went on two exchanges this week. The first one I went to the other area with elder Lund from Texas. He has been out about 4 months and is a good missionary, just... Shy. Haha. The second was with Elder Mestre from France. He has technically been on his mission for 6 months just like me, but the first three were in France waiting for his visa before he came to the MTC.

Wednesday night we split up, elder brogan went out with a Ward on some visits and I ran a mutual activity for a Ward that is going to send out all their youth in 'mini missions'. It was a blast. Working with the youth is so much fun since I basically still am one. I taught them the basics of being a missionary, then taught them how to teach the plan of salvation. Then made them all roleplay it. It was a blast and the spirit was so strong. Awesome experience.

D. had a work emergency and had to go in so he canceled our lesson. Also he didn't come to church for the same reason. We have a lesson tonight... If he cancels I'm going by anyways. Ha.

Saturday morning on exchanges with elder Mestre, we talked on Baptism and The Gift Of The Holy Ghost at a kid's baptism which was neat, then we also got to stand in as the father confirmed him a member and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost. Convert or not, the power of God truly is manifest when ordinances are performed by proper authority as we read in D&C 84:20. I am so grateful that power is restored to the earth! Saturday evening I had to take elder Mestre to practice singing with the sisters and elder fehoko, all four of them were gonna sing at a missionary fireside Sunday. But, elder fehoko was 'sick' and didn't want to do it. So, I got roped into it. So I had one practice to sing in front of too many people. You should all know I don't sing. Also, I had a solo part. In Spanish. I don't speak Spanish.

Whelp we found out today that I am getting transferred to West Jordan! I'll miss so many things about draper... The people... The food...The car... The mountains... The car... I won't have a car in WJ. Bummer. But it's where I need to be and I'm excited to work there! Have a killer week everyone!

-Elder Ray

Elder Ray enjoying some Utah winter sun

President and Sister Chambers (center, back) with Seth's District

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