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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Great Gatsby

February 1, 2016

It has been a productive week. We have spent a lot of time trying to get real time correlation visits set up with each ward each week, and it's finally coming together. We know that when we get the stake's missionary work organized and united, miracles will happen.

We have still been trying to meet with D. and his family but haven't had much luck. Working in the restaurant business is time consuming, and they have been out of town for a bit so we still haven't gotten anywhere with them.

We went on exchanges on Tuesday/Wednesday, I went to the Draper Meadows Stake with elder Fehoko. Being on foot is so much different than being in a car. In a way it is better because it is way easier to talk to everyone you see but it takes so much more time to cover any distance. While there I was able to help teach two of his investigators, both of which were baptized on Saturday.

We were finally able to set up another lesson with J., and found a member to come who is going to become (if J. accepts) his Book of Mormon reading mentor. J. isn't progressing and isn't willing to come to church at this time so we will have him read the BOM to gain his testimony.

Our 9yo investigator Ashlyn is doing great, she is learning really well and loves when we come every Sunday night. It will be a really neat experience for the whole family when she is able to be baptized and sealed as a family when the adoption process is complete.

This area is always full of interesting people. We knocked on one of the huge houses at the top of our stake to find they were members and a great family, but they told us about their neighbor a little bit... A single man living alone (his mansion is big enough for 200 people to comfortably live in) in this castle, who is very nice but no one rarely sees him. He pays for the water for most of the people on the street and did free landscaping for his neighbors when they built their homes. They described him as the 'Great Gatsby'. Needless to say we knocked and no one answered, but it would be cool to meet him and share the gospel with him!

Saturday while driving to a bishop's house we saw a man outside snow blowing his sidewalks. Only, he didn't have a snow blower, he only had a leaf blower that barely ran... We looked at all the progress he had made and it was the equivalent of trying to sweep the snow off your sidewalk with the butt end of a broomstick. So, we stopped and asked if we could help him. He told us to ask 'him' and pointed to a guy in his late 20s early 30s smoking on the doorstep. When we asked him, after about 20 seconds without a reply--which gave us time to realize with how red his eyes were and brown his index and middle fingers were, he was blazed out of his mind--he told us he would grab the shovels. So, we shoveled their entire driveway and sidewalks. When we were done we asked if we could share a message but they said they were already members, attended church every week, and needed to hit up the dollar menu at McDs. I guess we will have to catch them another time.

Lots of interesting things this past week for sure.

-Elder Ray

Draper zone after the world wide broadcast

Draper Temple during a little snow storm:

"Just a bit of fun"

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