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Monday, November 9, 2015

Ten OYM's and a Famous Chameleon

November 9, 2015

Well this week is starting to get colder. I'm glad I bought some sweaters last pday because I've used them. It's been sprinkling a lot this week, even spat some snow at us for a bit. It makes riding a bike very, very cold. I'm prolly just being a baby being from Arizona though...

So every day we have a goal to get 10 OYMs (open your mouths) where we actually have a gospel related conversation-or get shut down trying. On Wednesday we had 9 OYM's going into our last appointment which was at 8:30. We got out at 8:55 and still were one OYM shy of our goal.Not too many people are walking around at 8:55 when it's raining...But I knew God would want us to reach the goal we set so I suggested we pray and ask for one more OYM for the night. As soon as we closed the prayer, a man pulled into his driveway behind us and got out, and we reached our goal. It was just one more confirmation that Heavenly Father wants us to succeed in all that we do.

Friday we went on exchanges and I went to our DL Elder Jaco's area. Friday night was one of the coldest this year, and I got to be in a car. Win. That was a pretty fun exchange. Elder Jaco is from Honduras so we talked about a lot of interesting stuff.

Yesterday Elder Hamilton and I talked in church. We were the only two speaking so we each spoke about 20 minutes. It turned out pretty good though. Last night we had a lesson with S. who has been investigating for two years. It's obvious that the missionaries that have been teaching him were teaching weirdly because there is so much he does not know. We are progressing fast with him and I feel we will have him baptized this month.

That's about it. Oh and we held a famous chameleon.

Elder Hamilton and Elder Ray with Youtube sensation, Pascal the chameleon.

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