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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Are You Smarter than an Primary Child?

November 23, 2015

Well this week started out with one of our investigators (or his parents, I should say) dropping us. J. is 9 and is very interested and wants to get baptized, our only concern was that his 11 yr old brother was baptized and never went to church again because the parents are inactive. After our lesson Monday, the parents who were supportive of his decision to get baptized realized how big of a promise it is with God to get baptized. We hoped this meant they would want to return to church but instead they decided J. was not ready to make that promise because they would not be able to help him keep it. Hopefully he keeps the desire to be baptized so when his parents
let him he is ready.

On Wednesday we were biking by a house and realized it was the house of one of our ward clerks and we remembered we had something to drop off for him so we stopped. We knocked on the door and his wife
answered and before we really said anything she said 'he's in the garage' so we knocked on the garage door and out came a rough lookin guy with tats all up his neck. He said hi to us and asked us to come in like he was expecting us... So a little confused, we followed him into the house and down to the basement and took a seat and started talking to him to realize that he was an inactive man we had been trying to find for the past two weeks, who ended up being the clerk's son. We were able to set up an appointment with him and find out that he really wants to meet with us and change some stuff about his life. That truly was a blessing from the Lord to be led straight to him!

We were able to put B., our 11 yr old investigator on date for December twelfth. Her mom isn't active but is pretty supportive so we are confident everything Will work out great!  Now we have two solid investigators on date to be baptized within the next month, and plan on getting more!

We met so many people this week who are prepared by the Lord to receive this message. This stake is amazing. Transfers are next week, hopefully I stay! (Even though it'd be rad to get transferred to an area with a car for the winter...)

Stay warm AZ!

-Elder Ray

Elder Hamilton and Elder Ray playing "Are You Smarter than a Primary Child" with the Tithing Hill Ward Primary

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