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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tasty Salmon

July 24, 2017

This last week was crazy. 
Monday night we met President and Sister Lansing at Red Lobster for dinner, had some exquisite salmon, then we all headed to SLC international to pick up 3 new Elders flying in from the Mexico MTC. We grabbed them and their luggage and brought them back to the mission home, where they would spend the night before they came to the mission office for their first day.

At 12:00pm that night, I threw up. Every 20 minutes for the next 5 hours. I got to visit that salmon all night long. At 6:30 elder Kaka woke up, and I rolled out of bed cause I sure as heck wasn't sleeping. We got ready and went over to the train station and picked up 7 elders and 4 sisters who just got out of the Provo MTC, and took em all over to the mission office where orientation day begins. Sometime around 9:30 Sister Lansing found out what I was doing all night and ordered me to go rest, so I went to a members house and took a nap for a couple hours, then headed back to the office around 1:30 to finish out the day getting the new missionaries assigned to their trainers. We went to the mission home for dinner, then spent the night with all the departing missionaries, most of which I came out with, but they were Spanish speaking so they go home a transfer earlier because of the extra time they spent in the MTC. We were up till about 2am with all of them.

Wednesday morning breakfast was around 6, so we had to be ready for that, then we drove them all (14 ish missionaries)  to the airport to send em on their way. We had a new missionary training later that day, always fun to see the new missionaries. Deer in headlights, lol.

Thursday we taught a referral, J., and put her on date for August 5th. Solid.

Friday we picked up two more referrals who accepted baptism as well.

Saturday we met with President Lansing as usual... we met with some Zone leaders as well to train them on some things we will be training all the Zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders on.

Sunday was a normal day at church... 7am-4pm, then we worked all evening at met with a set of ZLs and STLs at 8:30.

Was a slam packed busy week, just the way I like it. If you haven't read the Book of Mormon in a while, or have never read it, do it. I promise it will bless your life as it has blessed mine. 

Till next week,

-Elder Ray

Elder Tindall, Elder Ray, Elder Morris, and Elder Kaka

Elder Jensen and Elder Ray

Elder Froehlich and Elder Ray

Elder Ray, Elder Mestre, and Elder Kaka

Seth with most of the departing missionaries



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