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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shaggy Hair and a Pretty Rad Zone Meeting

January 16, 2017

Monday we spent like 2.5 hours in the barber shop because dang, our hair was shaggy. So we waited forever and got that done. Pretty typical pday other than that.

Tuesday we had a pretty rad Zone Meeting. We did a super fun Role play where we split the zone into two groups, and had each companionship role play to one of us, elder Jensen took one group and I took the other. We came up with 9 profiles of people we have contacted on the street and wrote their names on a chalkboard and had each companionship choose who they wanted to role play to. It turned out pretty good. Lots of laughs and it helped everyone realize the importance of knowing everything  in preach my gospel.

Wednesday we had lunch with a Christian preacher, then went on exchanges with the assistants. Elder Stout came to my area with me. Pretty good.

Thursday morning we went and did 12 week with a companionship the zone, then ended exchanges. That night we picked up L. as a new investigator, she is one of Reagan's friends (Reagan is a recent convert I baptized). We also met with a gay couple who want their daughter baptized when she turns 8, it was pretty neat to talk to them when they are for the church, not against the church.

Friday we had the usual shtuff till about dinner and worked the rest of the night.

Saturday I did a baptismal interview for one of our district leaders investigators, then hit the grind for the rest of the day. Haha, we knocked on a potential investigators door and he takes one look at me, laughed, and then looks at Elder Jensen and says "He looks like a doofus with that hat on, doesn't he!" Needless to say he was a tad bit drunk. He did accept a baptismal date on the doorstep, we will just have to figure out how to get him to stop drinking... no problem! Haha.

Sunday we spoke in church and had a couple lessons.

Have a great week.
Peace fam, the church is true. 

-Elder Ray

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Elder Ray

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