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Monday, November 14, 2016


November 7, 2016

Alright. So Monday was Halloween. Not much happened, we played tennis as a district, then we had a zone training meeting all night long, it was pretty fun/spiritual.

Tuesday we had another zone meeting instead of district meeting, then we worked. We taught a non member and a couple less actives. We taught about Christlike service and it had K., one of the less actives (huge Tongan) and elder Westover both in tears after the Mormon message "Lift". Later that night we swung in on E. and his family and drilled on the importance of coming to church, and they committed to come again. Haha.

Wednesday we visited an old catholic guy named E. Haha... every time we see him he tells us how his dog is already Mormon, haha. Then we met with a Christian pastor again for the last time, then taught a couple less actives.

Thursday was pretty sweet. We took a kid out with us -J.- who came home from his mish early for depression, and when we biked to the bottom of the hill we stopped to talk to someone, then we turned around to head back and John looked like he was dead. His face was pale white, no color in his lips, and he was staring blankly and just kinda stumbling. We walked him over to the curb and sat him down. Apparently he hadn't eaten anything all day haha, it was 4pm. So his dad came and picked him up. That night we taught S. and her mom A., two non members, and picked them up and put them on date! It was great.

Friday was pretty crazy dealing with the district, but we got out to work around 3. That night we met with H.'s dad T., who we want to baptize her on the 19th, and we took away his cigarettes and really taught about the word of wisdom and set up a plan to help him quit so he can baptize her.

Saturday we worked hard. Didn't teach much, but got some good things done. We swung by E.'s again and recommitted for church.

Sunday the B.'s flaked out again. Haha. But we sat in church a couple rows in front of an unbaptized child, then taught her after church and put her on date! R. will get baptized this month!

Today's been good. We got another scary call this morning. I didn't think much of it because lately, with elder Simmons getting emergency transferred and everything, we have been getting a lot of calls from the assistants and president. And so at about 9:30 this morning one of the assistants calls and I don't think much of it, until he says "Elder Ray, do you know why I am calling?" Then it hit me. Today is transfer day, and I was getting a call from the Assistants at 9:30. So, I am getting transferred to a neighboring stake in South Jordan, the Founders Park stake, and my new companion is Elder Rosette (pronounced Hosetchee) from Brazil. Elder Rosette is one of our zone leaders. Which means I'm now a zone leader. Crazy! It'll be all new stuff... but I'm excited! I know the Lord calls imperfect people to do his perfect work, so I'm ready for Him to continue to shape me into who He wants me to be. 



-Elder Ray

Elders Ray and Westover

Tennis with South Jordan Elders

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