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Monday, April 11, 2016

April Fools and General Conference

April 4, 2016

So Tuesday we had a really good zone training meeting that was focused on how we can be as effective as possible. It rocked. Great motivation for us to always try and be better.

Wednesday we helped a less active pack up to move. He bought us Panda Express, so totally worth it. Wednesday night we found a new potential, a lady who is from the Philippines who moved her and is married to a man who is returning to activity. She has already been to church a couple times, we have an appointment set up to meet with her this week!

Thursday a lot happened. Of course, the day before April fools, we went to Smiths and bought window paint. And some gum for one of our less actives who has been going cold turkey on smoking. We bought some extra gum and wrote a little note saying "you're doing EXTRA well, keep it up!" She loved it. At lunch we got a call from the Assistants to the president saying they wanted to meet with us at 3:00. We were a little scared cuz usually that only happens if someone is in trouble, and we haven't done anything wrong so we had no idea what was going on... So we met with them and sat down in a stake center and they say "Elders... Don't worry, you're not in trouble, we just wanted to congratulate you on all the hard work and thank you for all you are doing!" Fhew. They wanted to know what kind of things we were doing to have the success we were having. It was cool to find out president Chambers recognizes our hard work and it pays off! That night we had an appointment with randy but she wasn't there, so we talked to her husband and came to the conclusion that she wasn't ready. She isn't progressing, her concern is that she has anti-LDS family and coworkers that she wasn't ready to confront with joining the church. It's too bad and we were disappointed, but we felt the confirmation of the spirit telling us it's what needed to happen.  Then we taught D., one of our 9 year old investigators who has a non member mom and less active dad. His mom says she is not interested, but when we teach D, she always sits in and seems way interested. Hmm... Gotta play our cards right on that one.

Friday we started exchanges, I left the area again and went with our district leader, elder stout, to work the Spanish area, once again making me wish I could speak Spanish. Dinner in the Spanish area is usually fun, but I got pasta last time... This time the lady was like "my husband said not to cook pasta cuz missionaries always get pasta" and we were all stoked to hear that. Then she brings out pasta and says "but this pasta has chicken in it so you'll like it."...... If you feed the missionaries, no pasta, nuff said. But we are still grateful nonetheless.

Saturday morning we watched conference with a super cool family (in English, thankfully) then ended exchanges and elder brink and I watched the Saturday afternoon session, then went to dinner, and went to the priesthood session which was so great. The President of the quorum of the 12 spoke, the general young men's president spoke, and the entire first presidency spoke. Wow. It was great. I encourage all of you to go watch it if you haven't yet. After that we had a killer lesson with another inactive member who has a great desire to progress. 

Sunday morning we only watched a bit of the first session because we had to be at the Trax station by 11 to head downtown. We got to go to the Sunday afternoon session which is a huge perk of this mission. We got tickets with the mission and got to sit 7 rows from the very front. It was awesome. I saw two people I know from back home which is always cool, and another perk of this mission. Today we played softball as a zone which I haven't done before on the mission. New is good.

What is new back home?

-Elder Ray

Elder Ray and Elder Brink (left) at General Conference

Pranking the Sisters on April Fools

Part of the West Jordan Zone

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