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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Subway,16 oz. Rib-eyes, and Peaches

January 11, 2016

Last week of the transfer! It was a pretty good week... Started Monday with going to a teriyaki grill with elder Kim and right when we were about to pay, a member came up and payed for us. Then we went bowling as a district which was a lot of fun to be able to get out and do something...normal...

Tuesday we had a zone training meeting and elder Kim and I gave a killer training on having the faith to find people to teach. Tuesday night we had a lesson with J. (our investigator who we have been thinking about dropping since he's been taught everything but isn't really progressing) and he really felt the spirit while we read the Book of Mormon so we are gonna get him set up with a reading mentor who can help him progress that way.

Wednesday we decided to hit up subway for lunch since some members gave us subway gift cards for Christmas. But once again, before we could pay, despite telling him we had gift cards, a member paid for us. That night we taught G. but we didn't teach much since his grandma had a bunch of her day care kids over and it was way too hectic. So we are gonna try and move the lessons to a more spiritual environment like a church or a members house next time. We also saw M. again, he told us he's been sober for 8 days now! He is doin great. He got a haircut and shaved his beard, and also cleaned his
apartment-which was absolutely filthy. 

Thursday it snowed most of the day. We worked hard all day contacting referrals without luck. Then finally someone answered. This dude's name is D. We talked on his doorstep for a couple minutes and found out he is a returned missionary who hasn't been to church since he got home about 25 years ago. We really hit it off with him and he invited him in, and while talking more to him and his girlfriend we figured out that between his kids from a previous marriage, and his girlfriend and her kids from a previous marriage, there are 7 non members in the house. D. seemed receptive about coming back to church and his girlfriend seemed supportive. We hope to go back tonight and teach the whole fam. Thursday's work payed off!

Friday we decided to hit up subway again. And: before we could check out, a member paid for us. Despite telling him we had gift cards. Ha. AND, while we were eating, a lady bought two more subway gift cards and gave them to us... So we started with one gift card each, and have eaten at subway twice, and now have two gift cards. Rad. 

While working Friday we met a lot of people who were very against the church. Lots of people seem to not like that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a works based faith. They prefer not having to do anything and being saved by grace. Ok.

Saturday we went to Texas Roadhouse since D. is the owner and he invited us to come get a meal, on him, and missionaries can't say no to free food so of course we went. We each got a 16oz rib-eye. Elder Kim only finished about 1/3rd of his but shoot. I ate the whole thing. I was stuffed the rest of the day.

Sunday we taught a mission prep class which was a lot of fun. We did some role plays which are funny to do with people hat haven't been doing them for months like I have.

Transfers are tomorrow! We got part of the transfer news. Elder Kim is transferred:/ he's actually my new zone leader now. But we haven't been told who my new companion is yet... Hopefully we find out soon... But it's nice to know I'm staying for a number of reasons, one being that I get to stay in a car through another cold month and a half.

All in all a killer week. I got Peaches by the Presidents of the United States of America stuck in elder Kim's head so he's been singin it all week haha.

Hope everyone has an awesome week!


-Elder Ray

Elder Ray and Elder Kim at a Family Home Evening

Elder Ray with his District

Bowling on P-day

Seth with his Comp 

Selfie :)

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