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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fender Bending and Baptisms

December 14, 2015

This week was great. We spent a lot of time teaching a lot of less actives and non members. Thursday, our investigator J. got baptized. This week has been amazing with him. He feels the spirit so strong. Sunday he received the gift of the Holy Ghost and was ordained a priest. Today he is going to the temple to perform baptisms, and tomorrow he returns to China where the closest temple is 6 hours away in Hong Kong.

Saturday I got to go to the baptism of B. who I taught most of the way in my last area. That was a neat thing too. So this week has been pretty jam packed with events.

Our hot water heater has been out all week so we have been going to the other missionaries' house in our district to shower there. This morning we woke up to about a foot of snow covering our car. Fun. And we managed to get into a car crash. Everyone was totally ok, more of a fender bender really. We were going to turn left and a guy went around us, on our left... So he hit us. and now we are getting haircuts from a member!

Happy holidays erryone!

-Elder Ray

Elder Ray and Elder Kim at J's Baptism

Elder Missionaries with J.

At B's Baptism

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