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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Cool Trike Thing, David Archuleta, and a Transfer

October 19, 2015

This week was pretty good. Started off with a great Monday night, we had a lesson to teach L. H. some more recent convert stuff and since we have already taught it all she chose to learn more about the plan of salvation. Her mom sat in and got very into the lesson and really enjoyed it. We felt the need to extend the baptismal commitment to her, so we did. She thought about it for a little while and said she couldn't because she is too busy with school and a full time job to be able to go to church. But she happily agreed to another lesson tonight!

Tuesday we had an All-Mission conference which took up most of the day but was really cool. Elder Bisera from the 70 came and spoke, and so did David Archuletta. Well... He sang more than spoke but he spoke too haha. Then after that the Etheringtons took us to Arby's and to get subzero which was pretty neat.

The rest of the week was pretty much the same, we met a lot of people and got a lot of referrals. Sunday elder Hilsberg and I spoke in church on Sealing Power and Temple Blessings which of course we know a whole ton about being unmarried missionaries... Right? Haha but it turned out pretty good. We got lots of compliments on them but that's
probably just cuz the members here love us so much.

Last night we had a lesson with R. which went really well. We were able to set expectations for each other which is a big step, and she told us what is holding her back. Essentially, she does not want to become a hypocrite like many members she has met that have given her a bad experience about the church. We gave her some good reading material and the quote by someone important that said something like '100% of the gospel is true to the members, but not 100% of the members are true to the gospel.' I think some things clicked in her head, and we have a return appointment next Sunday.

As far as other contacts go – J.’s "Eye opening experience" during his fast was that we are blessed to have food, which is all he could think about as he was starving.... But in our last lesson we were able to finally help him make the connection that he needs to gain a testimony of the BOM to gain a testimony of everything else. 

T. is slowly progressing still. This time he finally understood why we believe baptism is so essential. He is getting closer! 

So things are picking up and going well. Tomorrow is transfers... And I have no idea how I feel about that. We should find out sometime tonight if anything is happening.
And I saw a cool trike thing.


-Elder Ray

Elder Ray and the "Cool Trike Thing"

Last Day in Companionship with Elder Hilsberg:
Seth Transferred to Riverton, UT
"I guess we won't need these, now..."

Elder Ray at a dinner appointment in Riverton
with his brand-new companion, Elder Hamilton

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